Welcome to Neighbors Cafe' ... where good friends meet to eat ....

So if you are hungry and passing through McPherson ...

Come on down for a great meal ...

... to one of Kansas' top-rated diners.

Neighbors Cafe' is one of those long-gone eateries of yesteryear - the American Diner.  A handful still exist throughout the United States.  In these days, when every restaurant seems to be a chain, Neighbors continues to strive to offer their customers the best food for the money and top-notch service.  And, hey it never hurts to have fun while you are enjoying your meal out.




So if you are hungry and passing through McPherson ...We're serving up good eats for the whole family.


Urgent Notice: 2/19/21

Neighbors Cafe is not closed.  Cameron and Shelly have sold the cafe to Natasha Catton after 24 years.  It is so bittersweet.  We are at the point that we are ready to retire, due to health reasons.  Yet, so much went into Neighbs.  We had good people working with pride to serve you the customer the best meal for the most reasonable price.  And, there were the customers, the local people, or the people from different locations, whether it be Lindsborg, a day trip from Lincoln or elsewhere, or perhaps from Hawaii.  We got the goosebumps so many times.  The people helped tremendously in making Neighbors Cafe a wonderful dining experience.  Gosh, the memories that we will cherish and carry forever.  Thank you all.  Oh, stop it with the alligator tears, Shelly.

We feel that we are very fortunate to have Natasha as the new owner, and operating under the same name, Neighbors Cafe.  We feel strongly that in short order, Natasha will have the old ship running in tip-top shape.  If not, it won't be from a lack of trying.  She is a worker and a doer.  We feel that the crew will come to gel around their new leadership.  Good luck!

The bottom line is that both Shelly's current health and Cameron's continuing health saga just made it unable for us to be there with our crew.  They had no leadership as they had in the past from Shelly.  And, you, our wonderful customers deserve the best!

Cameron and Shelly Wiggins


Neighbors Cafe' is located at 204 South Main in downtown McPherson, Kansas - one block south of Kansas and Main Streets. The zip code is 67460.

Week day hours are Tuesday through Fridays; 6:05AM-2:00PM.  Breakfast is served all day, and  we begin serving lunch at 10:30AM.

Saturdays we are open 6;05AM-1:00PM and on Saturdays we serve breakfast only.

We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Our telephone number is (620) 241-7900.  Our e-mail address is shelly@neighborscafe.com.